2018 Caucus - March 6

Join your community at the 2018 Democratic Caucuses!

Tuesday March 6th at 7pm (registration opens at 6). Precincts 1, 2 & 3 caucus at the Georgetown Heritage Center, Precincts 4, 5 & 6 at St Paul's in Idaho Springs and Precincts 7, 8 & 9 at King Murphy Elementary in Evergreen

Registered Democrats, find your caucus location here.

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About the Caucuses

It is 2018, a midterm election year, and the process starts with the Caucuses. Caucuses are the first step in a series of meetings to ensure community input to Party primary ballot candidates.

Starting at the precinct level, Caucus meetings elect members of the Clear Creek County Democratic Party Central Committee and elect delegates to the County Assembly where county-level candidates are nominated to the primary ballot. From their delegates are elected to attend Congressional District or State-level Assemblies and nominate candidates to state and congressional primary ballots.

Attending Caucus is an opportunity to influence which candidates appear on primary ballots and, if you are motivated, to get involved and make sure our political parties represent the full breadth of opinions and that our parties and elections operate with integrity.

Even if you are not that into politics, your bosses, landlords and insurance companies are. And they are working in the political arena to make sure they can keep your wages low and your rent high.

I want to encourage all registered Dems to participate in our caucus.

Amy Saxton, Co-Chair ~